Pennywise - Never Gonna Die (2018)

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Категория: punk / hardcore

Pennywise - Never Gonna Die (2018)Исполнитель: Pennywise
Альбом: Never Gonna Die
Год: 2018
Страна: USA (Hermosa Beach, California)
Стиль: Skate Punk
Битрейт: 278 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:39:23
Издатель: Epitaph Records
Размер: 79.42 МБ
01. Never Gonna Die (02:40)
02. American Lies (02:11)
03. Keep Moving On (02:31)
04. Live While You Can (02:37)
05. We Set Fire (03:04)
06. She Said (03:40)
07. Can't Be Ignored (03:35)
08. Goodbye Bad Times (03:07)
09. A Little Hope (02:55)
10. Won't Give Up The Fight (03:02)
11. Can't Save You Now (02:48)
12. All The Ways U Can Die (03:08)
13. Listen (01:43)
14. Something New (02:15)


Never Gonna Die, the new album from Pennywise, is available now. The legendary punk band’s twelfth full-length, Never Gonna Die is the first full album of new songs with singer Jim Lindberg, guitarist Fletcher Dragge, drummer Byron McMackin, and bassist Randy Bradbury in over a decade.

Produced by longtime Pennywise collaborator Cameron Webb (Motörhead, NOFX, Alkaline Trio), Never Gonna Die came to life in the same space where the band penned classic songs with late bassist Jason Thirsk. With their quintessential power to merge the subversive and the celebratory, Pennywise have built the album on fast-paced anthems expertly engineered to inspire radical change, personal empowerment, relentless hijinks, and reckless fast times.

Formed in the South Bay of Los Angeles—a neighborhood with a rich punk-rock history—Pennywise began in 1988. The band went on to amass an international following with their relentless touring and a melodic, high-energy sound fusing classic punk, surf punk, and blistering hardcore. Through the years, Pennywise have solidified their place in punk history with iconic songs like “Fuck Authority,” “Alien,” and “Bro Hymn” (their timeless ode to brotherhood and departed friends).

Pennywise have released 11 albums over the last three decades, including: Pennywise (1991), Unknown Road (1993), About Time (1995), Full Circle (1997), Straight Ahead (1999), Land of the Free? (2001), From the Ashes (2003), The Fuse (2005), Reason to Believe (2008), All or Nothing (2012), and Yesterdays (2014). Resolutely working outside the margins of the mainstream, the band has emerged as an enduringly vibrant staple on SoCal radio airwaves and the worldwide festival circuit.



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